Dimensions extremely off after upload?

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  1. Here are the dimensions in Blender:
    (For those who can't see where it is, dimensions are 6.878cm x 7.318cm x 12.218cm)
    (Right click and open image in new tab to see clearly)

    But when I upload to Shapeways, this happens: (Ignoring the model glitch, since that's what happens when Shapeways thinks the dimensions are too small for printing)
    Dimensions: 0.162cm x 0.17cm x 0.152cm

    Any help?
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  2. numarul7
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    My advice it is to use 1 BLENDER UNIT =1 mm , 1 CENTIMETER = 10 BLENDER UNIT and use RULER to measure from GREASE PENCIL PANEL. and upload in mm.

    Have fun.

    Get Netfabb basic (the same software it is used by Shapeways check team) from http://www.netfabb.com/downloadcenter.php?basic=1 and compare measures until you find some alternatives.

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  3. AmLachDesigns
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    Only the head is being uploaded and somehow SW thinks your units are inches.

    What file format are you uploading in, and what units do you select on upload?
  4. I uploaded it in X3D format, compressed in a ZIP with textures.
    I chose millimeters for the units.
  5. AmLachDesigns
    AmLachDesigns Well-Known Member
    Choose meters for units.
  6. That did the trick, it seems.
    But I'm confused as to why the dimensions are said as X x Z x Y, while in blender it's shown as X x Y x Z.

    Also, the price is seeming a bit high. It says Full Color Sandstone is $100, but I saw a model much taller then mine and it was $70.
  7. mkroeker
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    1. Different conventions of which axis is "up".
    2. Other model is probably hollowed out (at least in parts) while yours is solid ?