Different models used for different materials

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by tebee, May 31, 2011.

  1. tebee
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    FD and FUD are the answer to many of us model-makers prayers but one problem I'm finding is that certain parts are just too delicate in them as compared to WSF.

    I had reports from buyers and now personal experience of things breaking that were perfectly fine before.

    So I have two choices, either thicken the affected parts up or split the model in two and make one part from WSF and the other from FD. The second is my preferred solution.

    Now the problem then arises about what happens to people who want to order the whole model in WSF. if I split the model into two parts which have to be ordered separably then buying a WSF version will incur two start-up charges and increase the cost of the model by $1.50 - this is something with a current selling price of about $4.50.

    I could just create another listing for the FD version but as there are over 40 models affected. My preference would be for a shop listing to be able to use different model files depending on the material chosen , rather like the way it does with mark-up now.

    This would also allow better quality models to take advantage of the thinner sections available in FD and FUD.

  2. stannum
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    Multiple files is probably going to be troublesome, as it would be like hidden IDs (item 12345 becomes 12345A or 12345B). The issue is probably solved with better organization of items, specially in huge quantities, both from seller and buyer perspective.

    There should be only one startup charge, if the kits is 1 WSF + 1 FUD. How did the wagon break? Are the fragile parts reusable (suspensions, couplings..)? Then maybe you can batch WSF into a single item to spread the start up among them.
  3. woody64
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    I have to agree that materials and restriction caused by the materials are mainly a designer/producer view.

    I always see that my customers are completly confused with materials and options.

    From buyer point of view he wants to buy a certain item, maybe in a specific material (silver, glas). If that causes different meshes behind doesn't him bother at all.

    The same problem arises with the different plastics and different materials which allow different wall sizes and therefor may need different meshes.