Differences Between Sketchup Model And Shapeways

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ashilnayak2, May 16, 2020.

  1. ashilnayak2
    ashilnayak2 Member
    Just started to test the waters and mess around with some 3d design for my own fun. I created what's essentially a basic pint glass in SketchUp that seems to look fine, but when I uploaded it to Shapeways it looks like it's totally solid (no space in the middle for where you'd pour your drink).

    Is this a common thing/did I mess something up? Not sure if this is a Shapeways issue, Sketchup issue, or a me issue. Probably a me issue. :)
  2. Echoco
    Echoco Well-Known Member
    Can you give us a screenshot of the model in sketchup?
  3. SemperVaporo
    SemperVaporo Well-Known Member
    You do know that you have to design in the wall thickness. You cannot just draw a flat or curved plane and expect to have thickness. A "cup" would have a flat base with two surfaces that are separated by some minimum distance. So, too the sides of the cup... essentially the cup is two single surface cups connected around the upper lip by another surface. It could be that the Shapeways software interpreted your drawing as a solid "rod" and not a hollowed out one.
  4. barkingdigger
    barkingdigger Well-Known Member
    Like SemperVaporo said, did you model both the outer and inner faces of your cup? And joined them round the top to make a rim? The SW software will "repair" any gaps to make a fully contained solid (what they call manifold) so look out for any unintended gaps in your faces and edges.