Dice for coins in Elasto Plastic

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  1. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    OK, they do not work as expected, but they arrived and they can work :)
    Here are the dices for coins: two 12.sided dice on which you can insert coins in each face (ex: 1 euro from different European countries, or US quarter from different states). Initially planned for 1€ and $0.25, I managed to have one work for 20 eurocents...

    D12 Euro:

    Dod Euro (well actually this is the Dod Quarter):

    Very bouncy when empty (did not tried with the coins).

    Check the video!

    Some detail of the surface of Elasto Plastic:

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  2. wedge
    wedge New Member
    cool. I Like the Idea.
  3. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Thanks Wedge. The initial idea was to choose a place where to travel, by rolling a die. Say, I roll the die and the Italian 1€ coin is up, I would go to Italy for my next holidays (same thing for the American states).
  4. wedge
    wedge New Member

    hm i decide where to travel more by divesides ... :p

    I see only one Problem, there a more than 12 diferent Euro Coins ;)
  5. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Ahaha! This is just a prototype... Have a look at my dice, and you will see that I can do more than 12-sided dice... ;)