Detailed minature signpost model required

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    I am seeking a 3D model of a minature wooden signpost.

    Here are some requirements:

    - About 10cm tall
    - 3 arms
    - A cylinder pole so that the arms can be pointed in any direction (not flat sided like the pictures)
    - Inset text on the arms (I will be painting the text a different colour to the rest of the sign, so inset enough that it can be painted).
    - Wood texturing (3D), similar to this model: -wood-truck-x3.html?li=productBox-search

    And here are some photos for inspiration:

    I will be printing the signpost via Shapeways, and rendering it in X3D. So a blender file would be best if this is possible (I am not versed with 3D modelling compatibility so whatever works!)

    Send me a PM if you are interested with any estimated cost etc! :)

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