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    Few things first, I'm Dutch so please note my grammer is not that good.
    Sometimes I don't know how to saybthings so please don't feel insulted.


    I'm looking for someone who can make me a 3D model of a few characters of an anime/ manga that I like. Here are some requirements:
    - The model' scale is around 1:9 so it's around 20cm tall
    - The model will be highly detailed
    - I'm located in the Netherlands but will hire worldwide. Someone located in Europa could make things go faster.
    - The model will be made out of strong plastic (need to paint it)
    - I'm just a student with not a lot of money so I can't do multiple models at the same time unless you give me a good offer.

    Thats about it, please contact me at for more information and details.
    Im looking forward working with you.

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    email sent