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    Hey all.
    I am trying to get a model printed that has many intersecting meshes. I am running into a problem where small parts (such as little nuts and bolt-heads) are not quite intersecting with the rest of the mesh: either lying flush with surface or slightly apart from the surface. This problem is only detected after an order has been made and the model is about to be printed.

    I need to fix all these errors before my deadline, but I have no idea how to detect them. Searching for them manually isn't really an option given the complexity of the mesh. Is there a script or function that can detect these errors? I am using blender but I am willing to switch to another application if it means I can get this fixed and done.

    Here's an example of the problem, in which the white, blue and green parts are supposed to intersect but do not.
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    Export the item as an STL. Upload it to to take care of the most basic intersections.

    When that file is returned to you, open it in Netfabb Basic, and click Repair.
    Select the tool for "Select Shells"
    Click on the main Body of the object.
    Right click and select "Remove Selected Triangles"

    The main body of the item will be removed, leaving any "floaters" where they can easily be seen.

    You likely will want to NOT save the file after these operations.. but it shows you where the problems are.