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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by stop4stuff, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. stop4stuff
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    I'm converting a model from a 12mm tall version I created for another project to be a 5cm tall ornament to be printed in ceramic.

    The 5cm scaled up model is at

    There's some detail that's smaller than the design guidleines recommend, and there's some sharp corners.

    Would I get away with keeping the internal corners the same and making the external corners (in red) just slightly rounded - maybe 0,5mm radius?


  2. virtox
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    Well, the external sharp corners have a real tendency to peek trough the glaze.
    So there I definitively recommend to use the designated radius from the guidelines.
    (Believe me, I tried several, but then again they also keep updating the process/glazing so it's a bit hard to figure what is what.

    That said, if it is not rejected, chances are they might apply a bit more glaze which would hurt your detail wishes.

    Also sharp internal corners, I think might draw away glaze from nearby areas or similar effects to make things uneven.

    Thing is, they try hard to print everything, but this may not lead to the desired result.
    In the end we need to get a feel for the material, but round and blobby is the safe way to go.


  3. stop4stuff
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    Thanks for the tips.
    I'll go a bit bigger on the detail and corner radii.