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    I am looking for a designer to make me custom screw tips arrowheads. I am new to 3D design and do not have the skill to make the screw section of the arrow. If anyone is able to help with the design please let me know if you can help so i can give you the details about the sizing.
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    Be aware that Shapeways has a fairly strict policy about producing weapons and weapon parts. I think you'll find the information in the terms of use.
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    modeling the screws isnt all that hard, but when it comes to 3d printing the threads do not generally reporduce as well as you might like... depends on scale but ive found for standard fastener sizes (M4, M5, 1/4-20, etc.), the printed threads dont turn out well in stainless or strong and flexible. I did a camera adapter that has m42 threads and that turned out nicely.. so maybe size matters...

    If youre only using standard fastener sizes I'd recommend just modeling smooth cylinders for screw bosses and bore holes, then after printing using a tap and die to cut the threads by hand (e.g. 3.6mm smooth cylinder bore + M4 thread tap = M4 screw threads.) The stainless material is fairly brittle so you'd want to use a lot of cutting oil and work slowly, especially on small diameter screw bosses (M4, M5, 1/4-20, etc).

    good luck
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    by the way, here is a really good link for seeing how to properly model the sweep profiles for screw threads..
    there is some trig math there, but just look at the charts, they show you the correct proportions for each angle and surface.

    e.g. [​IMG]

    update.. Heres something i modeled with screw threads.. a lot of pita for some pretty renderings, but ended up with poop printed parts and simply scrapped them.

    another update.. . what youre trying to model, when making screw threads, is a "helical sweep" just google that along with your 3d software title and you should find some good howto videos
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