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    I've attempted this in the past and have not been able to find anyone who was able to do this. I'm looking for someone that can make a "counter" for me that I will be able to keep control on the price. Basically I want to sell this item at cost for people who want to get this for the game that I've created. Here is a quick drawing that I did several months back to show you a slight idea as to what I'm looking for. If you have a better idea as to how to achieve the same effect I'm fine with that.


    I need this to have numbers 1-30 where the user will be able to select what number they are on to keep track of the HP of a certain character in the game. This turning disc may not be the best way for a designer to do create, so again I'm open to options.

    Please get in contact with me if you think that you are able to tackle this.
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  2. DarakuTenshi
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    I have a couple offers from designers. This topic for now is on hold until I can discuss details with the designers to see what can be done.
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    I am no longer in need of help on this project. Designer has submitted me a design.