Designer Needed for Small Game Pieces..

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  1. BeechyMcFly
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    Aloha all.. Just wondering if there are any good designers that can design custom Monopoly Houses and Hotels.. Doing a BttF themed Monopoly and want to have Marty McFly's house basic shape for Houses and basic shape of Biff's Casino for the Hotels.. If anyone is up to such design let me know a quote via PM.. Thanx..
  2. BeechyMcFly
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    Aloha all.. I just wanted to let you all know that I hired a great guy known as basacwards for creating 2 models for me.. His work is amazing, here is a piece he has done up for my Back to the Future Monopoly Game:


    Even added color scheme for me to see it finished.. To say I was happy and impressed with his work in an under statement.. Great communication, product, skills and all round guy.> Thanx again, I'll definitely be rehiring..
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