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    I work for a UK-based manufacturing firm. We're looking for someone to take the CAD's we've got for two of our machines and guide us through the process to get scale models made. We've contacted several a local modelling company who quoted us £10,000+ to get the job done! The project would include consultation on materials, editing the CAD's for 3D Printing, printing the parts, and then finishing/painting/assembly.

    One of the pieces we need is just one of our conveyor systems and is all one piece. This piece would roughly 40cm x 5.9cm x 3.5cm.

    The second project would involve one of our modular systems- 4 pieces of conveyor that will snap together in LEGO fashion to show off the finished project. Smaller pieces, but they would need to be more precise.

    Let me know if you might be interested, and I would be happy to contact someone from your team directly to start our discussions. Bids should aim between £1,000 and £3,000

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    Hi Creighton, I'm based in Glasgow. Please have a look at my model gallery here you can also see client feedback here
    I'd be happy to discuss your project, please send details to
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    pm sent
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    Hi Creigthon, sending a pm. Cheers.

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    Hi Creigthon,

    I just send you a PM.


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    Hi Creigthon
    I am interested in this project.Could you please provide more details.
    My skype id is