Designer Needed For 1/32 Scale Animal Figurines

Discussion in 'Miniatures and Scale Models' started by Greenline, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Greenline
    Greenline Member
    Looking for someone to create 1/32 scale farm animals. Britains or kids globe type as examples. Not looking to replicate them but different variations and looks. Can supply pictures of actual animals to base design on.
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  2. dehef
    dehef Member
    Hi, is it a professionnal work?
    do you plan to retribute the designer?
  3. AYBrett
    AYBrett Well-Known Member
    I would love to help. I work off of Budget, Rate, and Deadline. After these things are figured out I proceed with my production process with snapshots to show progression. If interested please send me a message.


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  4. AndersDT
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    Scale models are my expertise, and I would love to help you out. See more at or and feel free to contact me for a non-committal offer!

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  5. Mateasse
    Mateasse Member
    I love to work on animals. Please show me some pictures.
  6. Rangutan
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    Dog5.jpg photo_2018-01-02_07-29-03.jpg muscles_bones.png Camel_draft (2)_preview.jpeg Unicorn_1.jpg preview2.jpg Hello,

    We could be a right persons to work on, apart of animal inspired jewelry we do work on sculptures, please have a look on our samples