Designer /modeler needed for world's first "infectible" zombie.

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    Basics - Need a starter zombie (clear with a removable brain "key" - colored - That can be used to infect another figure (clear again) - and then another figure. I have a basic mechanism idea - Lowest cost and best "reason why you? get's the job. Please help. is website.

    Figures do not need to be too detailed...Just want to show mechanism of transformation through the transparent figure,

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    We have built a wide range of fully articulated dolls both for collectors, game creators as well as stop frame animations so are comfortable with the articulated nature of your project. We have also worked extensively on inter-connecting 3D Printed parts for most printable materials so the removable brain concept would be easily achieved. And finally we have built over 100 character models for 3D Printing in a wide range of subjects including zombies, orks, warrior men and women, rat men and so on. It occured to us that you could have replacable heads or limbs also as the zombie mutates and is attacked. Again something we can do.

    For more info please email me on and we can discuss your project further.