designer/modeler needed for wedding gifts

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    Hello, I'm fairly new to this whole process. I'm getting married September 7th and I need some presents for the groomsmen and best man, and I was thinking of creating a 3d "scene" for each one of them out of sandstone. Guy #1 I play tennis with, so in our scene we'd be standing on a tenniscourt-looking-base holding tennis racquets (don't need the whole court, just have the base look like it's part of a tennis court). The second guy I play jazz with so he'd be holding a saxophone (doesn't need to be detailed) and me a pair of mallets, with us standing on a wood-stage-looking base. The third guy I play games with so we'd be holding game controllers sitting on a carpet-looking-base. The fourth guy I'm not sure yet, but I think it'll be an outdoor type thing.

    Anyway, that's my general idea. I can send pictures of everyone and general weights/heights to get proportions a close approximate. This does NOT need to be a highly detailed project. In fact I'd like the design to be based off the FF7 low-poly look, if possible. Hopefully that will cut down on design time as well.

    I know there's only three weeks to get all this done, including design, printing. I'd be able to drive to NY to pick up the item so shipping time isn't an issue. Let me know if it's possible or not, and how much it would cost, PM if interested. Thanks!


    Edit: also, material would be the full color sandstone
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    That's a VERY short window.. just in case you can't get it going in time, you might look at
    They print here thru Shapeways.
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    desk_food01.jpg just start looking through forum, i same scene idea you had for wedding, just to let my shop on shapeways show models that i built for scene that i made. i know this is a old post, but we are looking at full color sandstone designs in the same mind set, my shop is Ponson Cartoon Shop, has a few scene i made, later