Derogatory, vulgar, and obscene comments left under products!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Shorehill, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. LrdSatyr8
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    OK... so here we are... the problem has persisted since 2015 and even thou admin have addressed it, it still hasn't seen any solution. I've been patient... I figured that since Sarah the Manager of the Community Department had told us that she brought this matter to the attention of the Product Manager that something would have been done by now (since this exchange did occur back in Feb '18... it's now Aug '18) but nothing has been done yet? The entire site has changed to a new look but I guess this problem, once again has slipped thru the cracks. I'm sure I'm not the only one here that has dealt with these types of comments on my products... who else has had this problem?
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    Shapeways killed off the co-creator templates because for some unknown reason they couldn't support them even though they were a part of Shapeways from the beginning.

    For several months people have been saying there is problems with the "Custom Maker" feature that is still not a proper replacement for many customization and yet no fixes have taken place.

    Shapeways can't do something as simple as delete vulgar and obscene comments after over 3 years.

    It's no wonder they have a job posting for "Site Reliability Engineer" currently listed.

    But they can spend time/effort/money still pushing a very poorly received branding/User interface change.... because that is what needed fixing. I had high hopes for the new CEO after their last unpopular changes. I am sorely disappointed.
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    Maybe the idea is for SW to become more like Quirky and manage 3D print ideas so they become better successes in the marketplace-with extra financial benefit flowing to SW. The whole tell us what your product idea is so we can help turn it into a successful product is similar although it is without the crowdsourcing element. Also lowering the emphasis on traditional shops would let them not worry about maintaining legacy features or fixing things like the lack of comment management controls.
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    Well it's now November... betting this still hasn't been addressed.
  5. LrdSatyr8
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    8 months later...