Density And Weight Of Material

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  1. fbad94b
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    Sometimes it is important to know the weight of the printed object. For instance with jewellery you don't want an earring that is too heavy. So give not only the volume but also the weight of the object in that material. I am also missing the density of the material in the material data sheets.
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  2. CopperBezel
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    So just multiplying material volume by the density of the metal you're using (in bulk, non-Shapeways form, as in the density on the metal's Wikipedia page) wouldn't be a close enough proxy?
  3. fbad94b
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    Yes I know how to do that, but shouldn't it be a good idea if Shapeways also would write the density of the material in the material data sheet ? And it must not be that difficult to have the density of all their materials in their database and give the weight of the object in each material when knowing the volume. ..... It is a suggestion which I think is important to add that to their website.
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  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    It's a great suggestion, and one that's been floated before. I'd like to see it, but we would need a disclaimer that the final weight could vary. I don't know if we could say something like 14g +/- .5g
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  5. +1 on this suggestion from me too. I'm interested in the weight in strong and flexible plastic for a weight sensitive 3D printed object.
  6. Lilichi
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    I've been searching for material specific weight and doing calculations with values I don't have a whole lot of faith in.
    all so I would know if my earrings wouldn't be to heavy when printed. so yes, I would definitely like to see this too!
  7. reducedAircraftFactory
    reducedAircraftFactory Well-Known Member
    Let's pop this topic to the top again -- it seems like it would be very easy to add the average printed density of each material to your material pages. Then we could do a simple calculation of materialVolume x density = approx. weight in grams. Feel free to add "± 10%" or something to make it clear it's not an exact number. No need to add the calculations for each model -- just to each material -- anyone with a calculator can do the math themselves.

    So: +1.
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  8. rbairos
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    +1 Definitely. Need to know the density of full color sandstone for example.
  9. slamour77
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    +1 density for each material is a must-have!
  10. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
    +1 would use this.
  11. Vannjaren
    Vannjaren Member
    Agreed this is a very good idea - to give an approximation of the final weight would be very useful for jewellery and some other items - even if there was a degree of error to take into account, it would still give a close estimate which would be very useful!
  12. Malwen
    Malwen Well-Known Member
    I would find this really helpful too.
  13. reducedAircraftFactory
    reducedAircraftFactory Well-Known Member
    Again, Shapeways, there is no need for someone to go in and add it to all the model pages (though that would be nice some day): for now, just add the density to the material pages and let us do the math ourselves, since each model page already has a listed material volume, and volume × density = mass (or weight).
  14. aliciafelber
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    Could please anyone help me to calculate the aproximate weight of a pair of earring?
    How I do calculate it with the information we get from Shapeways?
    Material Volume 2.0787cm3
    Machine Space 6.5554cm3
    Surface Area16.513cm2

    Material brass and silver