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  1. yxalitis
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    Hi everyone,

    I have long dreamed of having a nice Demogorgon miniature in my collection, but no-one makes a really nice one (in my opinion). However, I have included a picture that sums up what I would like, and was hoping it was possible to create a 3D image of it for printing.
    Whilst this is only a front view, its easy to extrapolate the unseen parts of the model.

    The back would be scaled like a snake, with smallish spikes, just as can be seen on the tentacle.

    The tail splits into three, though I am happy if it stays as one, if that's easier and safer for printing

    I imagine he would be about 10-12cm high, not too big, so not too expensive. If it needs to be larger, that's OK too, but not bigger then 15cm, if possible

    If anyone wants to offer their services, get back to me with a quote, and possibly an early render. I am quite happy to pay for both the sculpting and printing.


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  2. Ming
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    i've 15 years of modeling experience and can do the job.
    this character is very complicated.
    how much are you willing to offer :)

    ps: if interested, please reply to my personal email add:
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  3. yxalitis
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    I am really new to this, i don't know how much to offer, can you just give me a ballpark figure?
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