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  1. Mathiastoubro
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    Dear Shapeways.

    I need to have a 3D print ready in Tokyo by Wednesday, will it be posible to have it produced and shipped in such sort time?

  2. mkroeker
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    Not an official shapeways statement, but on that short notice you are probably better off finding some rapid prototyping business
    in the Tokyo area (which will probably be much more expensive than shapeways).
    The shortest delivery periods among the various materials and production methods are 8 business days - they strive to deliver faster
    than that, but two days is actually on the physical limit e.g. for the white strong&flexible material (1 day printing, 1 day cooling before
    removal of the printed models from the block of nylon powder). Metals will probably not be done any faster (print in wax and cast in silver, or
    print a "green" iron model with binder, infuse with bronze to burn out the binder and stabilize the model)
    Shapeways' business model largely relies on printing models from lots of different orders in a single print run to maximize printer
    utilization, and individual rush orders will not fit in with that.
    (Check the individual process descriptions under the Materials tab, and/or watch the video on the "how it works" link at the bottom
    of the webpage - the processes shapeways uses are completely different from the hobbyist printers that build models from molten
    plastic wire one at a time)