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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by mv_eric, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. mv_eric
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    Shapeways has great pricing and service except for two things:

    1. You are slowwwwww. It can take more than 3 weeks to get a model back, even for SLS White. It's worthless for rapid prototying. 3 weeks is not rapid.
    Why is it taking so long?

    2. You only ship UPS. Why? Why not at least add USPS Priority for US shipments?
  2. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    1. Three weeks for a material that normally has quick turnaround times could mean that your model is somehow marginal and had to be reprinted several times (e.g. fulfilling all design rules for the material, but too fragile to survive cleaning and packaging).Better email service with your order number to find out more, especially if you plan to order multiple copies or sell the object.

    2. There are several threads on this topic already - UPS works reasonably well in (most of) Europe (where shapeways started) and for some reason it does not appear to be easy for shapeways to add other shipment options. My personal guess is that UPS gave the fresh startup a special deal in return for an exclusive contract that has yet to expire, but it could simply be that their administrative staff is still too small to handle multiple shipping options, or the number of affected customers is not yet sufficient to make a business case.
  3. mv_eric
    mv_eric New Member
    They need more capacity.
    I ordered 3 parts today and they are planned to be shipped by Oct. 9.
    With shipping time, that means 3 weeks.
    There's no problem with my models. They are growing at the expense of customer satisfaction.
  4. stonysmith
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    Keep in mind that the production times are BUSINESS days - Monday thru Friday
    Unfortunately, that means that your box is likely to be sitting in a distribution center over that weekend.

    It is also often the case that you receive your items in a shorter time period. The Expected date is the first date based on a moving average of production time.

    A month or two ago.. I had a FUD order go out the door in under 4 days, when the "Expected" time was two weeks.
  5. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    That date suggests that you are probably ordering one of the metals, not plastic ? (Note that if you put parts made in several materials in the same order,
    the one with the longest production time will determine the shipping date, so better not put some urgently needed plastic parts in an order that has
    metal or ceramics items)