Decouple Error

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  1. I have a K280 printer and I printed out two prints when I ran into a decoupling error. I checked to see if there were any volts going through the place where the wire connected to the board (there were about 24v) and checked if the temp sensor was working; it did.

    I got a hair dryer and blew hot air on the temp sensor as I told the heater to heat to 200C. So I basically tricked it to believe the heater was heating up, so it continued to heat itself instead of giving me an error ("dec" on the LED screen).. This should indicate that there isn’t anything physically wrong?

    I am dumbfounded as to why. I did buy a spare one which isn't that big of a deal but if I have to buy another board then that is a big issue,
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    Maye contact the manufacture for machine problems instead of posting here is a better solution.
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    In Shapeways forum, we talk about Shapeways' industrial 3D printers and hardly anyone knows anything about your FDM printer. However, there are some forums you can go to where almost everyone knows about FDM printing. Two big ones are RepRap and /R/3d Printing on Reddit.

    But yeah, I agree with Frozenrain, sounds like only the manufacturer would know how to solve that. I happen to know about FDM printers and I am dumbfounded as well. The only thing I can think of is the firmware is expecting the build platform to heat up quicker and when it doesn't heat up fast enough the firmware throws up an error. If so, then one or more of the following things could be wrong, either the power supply for the heating plate, or the thermocouple, or the resistance of the heating plate is out of specifications.