Dear santa,

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by virtox, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. virtox
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    Dear Santa,

    Find enclosed my wish-list for Christmas :

    - Please send the elves to fix the Edit shop resorting bug - this is still very annoying, what's the point of such a re-ordering function if it doesn't stick.. ? Wasted a lot of time on this..
    (To be clear -> Point 3 at

    - Would be nice if the re-sorting page would be a separate page containing more rows. (perhaps a simple horizontal rulers for visual 2 row page division)

    - Personal orders without markup, is it finished yet ? :)

    - Notification when someone leaves a comment on a model page. Or a comment on your comment on their model :p

    - Simple layout options for object description, like in the enhanced shop description, would be great.

    - While I'm at it, it is a very claustrophobic text box muffled to the right, why not a bit more WYSIWYG ? Place the edit title and description fields in the place where they end up on the final page ?

    - Option to use/embed Youtube or other videos (even animated gif) would be awesome ! An animated replacement for the main image of a model page would be awesome^2

    - An overview page with reported bugs and estimated resolve date would be great, and seems practical and fair in a public beta ;)
    Would probably help with the feeling that someone is listening, as it seems some of the elves are getting restless ;)

    Other than that, still loving the service !

    And, if you need help with any of it, I live nearby, I seem to be handy in the IT-wood-workshop, so I can always swing by to lend a hand ;)

    Perhaps a little early, but since I'm being merry;
    Merry Christmas everyone !


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  2. robert
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    Hey Virtox!

    Santa has brought us something very special which blows our mind. I cannot tell you what it is yet.

    We may something interesting to announce at CES Las Vegas on Jan 7th.



    ps. we will do most of your requests in beginning of 2010.
  3. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Hey Robert,

    Thanks for listening, and I'll await the improvements.
    But you also have me very curious !
    (if I had to guess, something in color ? :p)

    Anyway, we will find out soon enough, but first :
    Enjoy the after-rush of Christmas and have some fun in Vegas !
    Hope to follow your adventures (what ever happens in Vegas.... erhm just keep the report clean :p) on the shapeways blog.

    Happy new year Shapies !

  4. chris89
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    La la la nothing :cool:
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  5. robert
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    Ssssstttttt.... :eek: