Dean's amulet, a turtle and an octopus!

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    last week i got my amulet from Supernatural in Gold Plated Glossy, and my new creations, a turtle amulet and a cute octopus amulet in different materials.
    But not everything turned out great :/ For more, take a look at the pictures:
    The amulet looks really great in Gold Plated Glossy! :)

    Left is Stainless Steel, right Gold Plated Glossy. This came out also very well.
    But in FUD, i 'm very dissapointed :(
    The print-lines are very thick, almost 1mm and it has some strange glossy and dull variations...
    The FUD from the turtle looks way better, except for the material that couldn't be removed from the inside of the body, though the hole was 2mm, maybe it was still to small...
    Before i can sell the turtle amulet, i have to increase the details a little bit, and scale the ring, it's a bit to small for the cord.

    I also had the turtle and octopus amulets being printed in WSF-P but both were only polished from one side, the back was still rough. Is it always like that?

    Dean's Amulet from SUPERNATURAL can be bought here: ulet-replica.html
    and the octopus is available here: ith-heart.html
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    I've been trying to get a good look at Dean's amulet on TV.... you beat me to it!

    Nice job.

  3. AceD
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    Thank you!