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  1. Mustang
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    First I would like to say hello to everyone.

    I have no back ground in 3D modelling or now how it works, so sorry for my ignorance.

    What I would like to now is this is their someone that can design the items and make them. I can supply pictures of the real item and the sizes of the model wheel I have.

    Real wheel.

    View attachment 33882

    Thank you very much for any help.
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    I could do it for you, but it depends on the scale you want. Each of those wires would need to be 1mm thick. Minimum wall thickness. So in the real world at say 1:8 scale they would be 8mm - 0.315" thick.
    The fins on this rim are 1mm thick. 1:8 scale
  3. Mustang
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    Oops yes scale would help its a 1/8 scale car.

    The picture is to show the model wheel that was supplied as they are wrong in that the spokes are incorrect.

    View attachment 33982

    the real spokes are 8mm.
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  4. Mustang
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    Thank you to all that have helped. This has now been designed.