D6 Shell and D8 Shell

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    Hi all,

    These are not really recent models, but I ordered them in metal very recently and... they arrived!

    Here are the D6 Shell:
    Instantané 2 (17-06-2012 18-46).png
    and the D8 Shell:

    Both are based on the same principle of having a truncated spheres with the opposite of a face being an edge. As a consequence, the numbers are not printed on the faces. In this way, I can get rid of the flat faces and keep only the rounded surface of the truncated sphere to give to the dice this shell shape.

    So the D6 Shell is not based on a cube, and the D8 Shell is not based on a dodecahedron. These make these dice very unique.

    And as a bonus, you can also use them as key rings or pendants...

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