Custommaker's Mysterious And Unwarranted Justification Changes

Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by MadBikeSkills, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Okay, I have a flat surface that I place a text box on, if I leave it alone and add no other parameters it appears to center the text. As soon as you add a minimum font size and are forced to input a minimum line size it no longer centers but instead right justifies the text. Why does it perform this real world stupid behavior?

    This makes inserting text in a precise manner nearly impossible as the behavior by default should be centered regardless the font size chosen. If you need to justify text either left or right then that should be the optional behavior

    Screenshot when dialog does not include Font Size and Line Height:

    Screenshot of same item when Font Size and Line Height are included:

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    I want to second this comment. I generally want custom maker text centered, but would like to be able to choose if the text is left- or right-justified. I had modified the text height in custom maker and could not figure out why my text ended up on the left. Thanks to the tip from bud_hammerton I went back to default text size, and at least the text is centered now. A picture of the issue is attached.

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    About the only thing that you can do is adjust the height of the edit box if you want size adjusted. This is the most imprecise method ever devised. Also If I need multiple lines of text why can't you just allow multiple edit boxes?