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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by asadjabbar11, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. asadjabbar11
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    I want to make 100 individual bottles that will hold perfume liquid.
    Each bottle will be unique, such that one human face picture will be captured and 3d modelled which will then be transformed into a bottle.
    Now my question is is their any tool that can automate 3d model from a picture?
    Other question is what printing technology should i use to get the bottle printed in metal? (brass, aluminum, etc) if any other material kindly suggest?

    find attached reference images of bottle

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  2. gordonlardi
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    find a service to 3d scan your bottle to an STL file, then you can play with all the materials offered by SW. I would be curious to see done in aluminum. Good Luck!
  3. asadjabbar11
    asadjabbar11 Member
    actually i dont have a bottle. i just have a picture of human face that needs to be transformed to a bottle in either plastic or metal that can hold perfume liquid
  4. Shea_Design
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    This is going to exceed the cost of a new BMW real quick.
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  5. asadjabbar11
    asadjabbar11 Member
    so what options do i have?
  6. Shea_Design
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    As suggested you really need a scan or at least depth information. A photo is typically lit somewhat arbitrarily and can not be deployed as a height map because the brightest VS darkest areas do not correlate to actual physical metrics. Now if you have a research grant or deep pockets and loads of time,.. and can code machine learning it is entirely possible that a 'conversion' could be made (or taught in AI parlance), and if you can program that you could very likely include a type of boolean to also place the processed photo onto the bottle topology, make it manifold and write the printable format. Alternately you could build a team of Artist to manually sculpt the faces or take it on yourself depending on what your time is worth.

    Now let's consider the cost of printing and post processing. The best way to cost it out is to upload a model and look at the materials and pricing. Clear resins are the most expensive and even the cheaper materials are probably going to range from $80 to $140 for a 4 to 6 inch part. Clear could be 3 or 4 X that although I have not priced anything in the newer offerings.

    DIY? Some of the extruders are looking pretty good these days. So you pick one up spend 6 hours on your first model and 45 minutes on your 30th. Just free styling here, total SWAG mode but with those thought experiments does this seem like it will work? Go for it and let us know what you work out.

  7. lawrencekramer2014
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    If you can obtain many pictures of your subject from many angles, you can use photogrammetry to build a mesh. It is technical, and I have not been able to do it successfully yet, but it is possible. Once you have a mesh, you can adjust to make it hollow and print your bottle. This is the same basic process now used at some shopping malls to make bobble heads or holograms of you and your friends.