Customized 3D printed hands for Minifigures

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    I was thinking of phones and tablets while chewing on a Lego figure as you do. This led me to creating hands for Lego figures that can hold stuff properly. Not only phone and tablets but books, newspapers and cards that you can print yourself.

    There are two designs both have the opening turning in. One design is the same dimensions as the existing hands but turned and the other has closed hands with a 0.25mm gap. Because they are printed in white and black flexible you can put anything in with a thickness of 0.25 to 1.50mm as you can see in the picture with the penny.

    I'm not sure how many I should put on a sprue so please let me know how many you would like and I'll see what I can do?

    They can be ordered here

    3D printed Lego hands by Dot San, on Flickr
    3D printed Lego hands by Dot San, on Flickr
    3D printed Lego hands by Dot San, on Flickr

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