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  1. Some time ago I ordered four model aircraft from Shapeways. They arrived with unsatisfactory terrain/stepping on the surface. I sent an email regarding this to customer service and Shapeways sent me a replacement order. Unfortunately, the replacements also have the same unsatisfactory terrain/stepping on the surface. Again, I sent an email to customer service. No reply. A second email to customer service. No reply. A third email to customer service. No reply. So, customer service doesn't exist anymore????

    Of note, I've received three orders of model aircraft during this time period and all had good surfaces.

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    I suppose you contacted Shapeways Customer Services via the usual method ( and I trust you left enough time (1 business day) before publically posting your concerns?

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  3. Emails went to Customer Service per "Contact Us" at the bottom of the Shapeways page, which I've successfully used in the past. And, I've waited several days after each email to customer service before trying again.
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    Dear Mike,

    Thank you for your message.
    Unfortunately we had a problem with our emailing system after the big front-end release of the website.

    This caused the emails, send from the website, not being send to our inbox.
    Because of this issue we were not aware of your email.

    I just checked our inbox and see your email.
    This means that you will receive a reply on your email before the end of this day.

    Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.
  5. Mitchell:

    Thanks for letting me know!

    I'm glad I posted here so that you could get this fixed!
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    As a shop owner, I have to wonder at the rationale for sending out models with sub-par printing. Based on my admittedly limited point of view (in the form of responses from customers, one of whom is Mike here) this has been happening a lot in the last several months. Do most customers roll over and just accept the bad parts? If not, sending out poorly printed models not only wasts shapeways money in shipping, but reduces customer confidence in the shapeways venue (and by association, the sellers here).

    If the whole process were automated that would be one thing, but every single object sold has had human hands and eyes on it, so I don't understand how it's possible for this to happen. No offense meant of course, I'm simply puzzled. In any case, I know that customer service (email errors aside) is always happy to help, and I'm glad you're working to get Mike his well-printed models.