Custom wax seals, signets, or cufflinks

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    About me: I'm a mechanical engineer with over 10 years experience in SolidWorks 3D CAD modeling.

    Expertise: I have an affinity for wax seals and signet rings, like the kind you see King Arthur or Ned Stark use to seal a document. I also came up with a pretty good system for making cufflinks.

    These are first articles for some of the wax seals and signet rings I have been designing. They can be used to seal letters and envelopes, or for fancy certificates of appreciation and awards to add an uncommon touch.

    And I can also make any of these symbols into cufflinks upon request:

    Custom symbols are also available upon request, including up to two letters.

    All products are available for purchase through my store:

    Many will be up for sale at my booth at ICON, SUNY Stonybrook March 30-April 1, 2012. More info on the convention is available at

    To keep up to date on new product releases, you can find links to my RSS feed or Like Lightbringer Designs on Facebook from

    Rate: Negotiable. Custom seals or signets typically come with a commission of $50, plus cost of materials.

    Harry R. Burger
    Lightbringer Designs