Custom Submarine Model

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    I am building a submarine kit from scratch with all the functioning parts. I had originally wanted to go through the typical channels, but found this 3D printing to be a VERY affordable alternative to the standard methods of building an original RC hull kit. I designed the schematics in Illustrator and modeled the hull and parts mostly in 3DS Max.

    I am pleased to say that the whole kit is very near completion and will cost less 1/2 what it would cost to build this from the ground up using standard custom fabrication techniques. I am planning to release it for sale in the near future, but the more interest I get the more likely I will be to sell it. The kit will retail for between $600 - 1000 for the two versions. One fully painted and customize by me and the other available for purchase from for individual hobbyists ts to build. Final price TBD 2012.

    You can find my boat and all it's parts to see by searching "707"

    Enjoy! I am.
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