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    Its' been less than a year since we started making products on Shapeways, and we've grown to now offer over 35 products and variants on our Shapeways shop and home website., for most iPhones, Ipads, and Android smartphones.
    We've recently made a short video introducing our products, showcasing our top seller iPhone5 5000mah charger, and our new X Bracket Universal smartphone and tablet holder (now available for iPad and iPad Mini too).
    Yes, those are my hands...

    For those who don't know us already, we make unique charging products for smartphones and tablets. Our goal is simplicity and portability - provide a simple easy to carry charger that your phone slips into and keeps your phone charged while you continue working. Once charged, slide your phone out - no clips, snaps, extra bits to fiddle with. My daily interaction with my charger is to slide my phone into the charger every morning, prop it beside my computer, and go to work. I can do hands free calls setting the phone to speakerphone, then grab the phone in the charger if I need to zip off to some business meeting. Slips in my pocket in the charger. Once charged, I slide my phone out and plug the charger into its fast charger. The fast charger is unique in that it pumps power into our chargers at 4X the normal 500ma rate - a full 2000ma of charging current. So for example the iPhone5 Slim charger is juiced back up in less than an hour.

    Our shop is a bit unusual in that we offer products that include electronics and batteries integrated into the 3D printed cases, as well as products that can be shipped directly to the customer from Shapeways. When ordering the charger through Shapeways, customers are paying for both the case and the electronics. Customers email us their shipping information, and we offer two options - we can ship them a completely assembled charger, or we can send the the parts and they can assemble the parts into the unit themselves. As yet we have never had anyone request the latter!

    My personal interest is flying - when conditions are right I'm off hurtling through the air in one of my hang gliders, usually at Fort Funston. So we developed the a hang glider smartphone mounting system that attaches to the downtube using the X Bracket to hold the smartphone - I've already showcased the test flight of that here:

    When it's not soarable, I bring out our Ultra Micro 3D printed Hotliner RC airplane, the Blaze. Gyro stabilized, it zips along at 30-50mph, and is rugged enough to withstand most rough landings. Mine is now well stained with iceplant from the ubiquitous succulent that cushions our Funston landing field.

    Jean, my inimitable partner, inspired the original Nautilus design concept. Down the street from us is the Bone Room - collections of wondrous objects from around the world where we found slices of Nautilus shells, which we image processed into the embossed or engraved pattern on our chargers. Recently she's inspired me to design jewelry based on the Nautilus - can't wait to try this in the new Silver Premium!

    I have to say I've been having more fun making 3D printed products than I have had in years. Much of my business life I've developed complicated products that often took years to develop, and sometimes millions of dollars. The $2m LASER musical fountain on Sentosa Island in Singapore was one of my favorite projects. I have some dozen odd patents to my name, mostly in Nanotech.
    I've started looking at what it would take to build a FAST 3D printer.
    Danger Will Robinson!