Custom Monopoly Pieces Needed

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  1. Hello!

    My name is Arron Anastasia. I am new to all of this, but I am working on a custom Monopoly game for a friend of fine for a gift and I want to be as authentic as I can. I am making a board based on the movie Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story as that is is favorite movie, so I need some game pieces to go with the game. I have some ideas on the pieces I'd like to have made but maybe you'll have some good ideas so maybe we can bounce our ideas off each other but before we get started,I'd like to know how much you'd charge to have these game pieces designed.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. jordanbanks
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    Hello Arron,

    I would love to learn more about this project they are wanting to create; I too am truly big fan of the movie dodgeball. You could check out some of my 3-D prints over at and we can discuss your project here or you can email me at

    Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.

  3. philnolan3d
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    Hi Arron, This sounds like a fun project. I'd have to watch the movie again but I guess the most obvious pieces would be a ball and a wrench. lol I've been doing 3D professionally for about 15 years and have helped a lot of people from these forums. If you'd like to see some of my work you can visit or my shop here on Shapeways.
    I can be reached at
  4. Ive got the same request, but for a death themed Monopoly game. Arron, how did your game pieces turn out?
  5. They didn’t turn out. The guy wanted way too much for what I wanted. So I kind of gave up.
  6. designsoul
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    Hi Arron, Dino,
    I would like to get on board with you and create these pieces. I am an experienced 3D designer and have extensive experience with 3D printing. They will turn out great especially in HD materials, and my fees are very reasonable. PM me and let me know the details