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    I'm looking to have a custom game pawn and token created for a dodgeball board game. Below is a link to a previous model that we had created. d=ug

    The "dodgeball" disk should be exactly 1" in diameter. One side should have a perforated ridge on the outside and the other side should have a flat ridge. I was perfectly happy with the original disk, except I now want to add a grooved crosshatch to it so that it appears that you're looking down on a 3D ball. I scribbled on one of the original token with a pen to show what I had in mind. The grooves should be deep enough that they'll show without special coloring.


    The pawn we want to replace with a running stickman caught in a pose something like this:


    It should be 3D (not flat), approx 1.8" tall and the base should slot into the dodgeball token with very little wiggle room. There should also be a nub on top of the pawn's head that indicates the center of the pawn. It should be durable enough that the limbs won't snap if handled roughly and it won't break off the base. We also found that the previous pawn was a little top heavy, so it might make sense to leave the bottom of the pawn solid and hollow out the upper torso and head.

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    Sent you a pm. A public note hollowing out the head is very doable however to actually lower the center of gravity you need a large enough drain hole that the material can get out again. You don't need this thing to balance it seems but I can compute center of gravity of any model i design which can help know how top heavy it is.
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    Currently working with a modeler. If the project opens up again I'll repost.