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  1. SacredLife
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    I'm sure I can't be the first one to mention this option, but when I searched the forums... I didn't see any posts about it. So let me give you an example:

    I sell my artwork on a site called, and they have a "Limited Time Promotion" option that let's artists choose a specific piece of artwork, apply a custom price and promo time limit... then pixels creates a promotional page for the product with a unique URL.

    Now that may be a bit more than what I feel is needed here on shapeways. All we really need here are Unique Custom Discount codes for each Shop that have a 'percentage setting' that can be changed and saved, and maybe an 'Active/Non-Active' checkbox too.

    We know the discount system for shop owners is in place already, so I don't think it would be all that complicated to add it to the 'customer' checkout. If the Shop owners set discount code is active, it's applied, if it's not active... then no discount.

    Having this option will definitely help Shop Owners drive more customers to their shapeways stores, and most likely generate more sales as well.

    Just food for thought, but I'd really love to be able to run Limited Time Discount Sales, if not for individual products... then at least for the entire shop.

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  3. woody64
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    Yes that would definitely a fine addon.
    When posting all these discount codes which Shapeways announces, I see growing sales during this period.

    So having your own discount codes may also led to such results.
  4. jimmyadvice
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    @SacredLife @woody64 thanks for the feedback! As @AMadinger linked above, this has been discussed before with Shapeways employees involved actively in the discussion.

    The main limitation is how the pricing is set for all of your models in a shop, plus factoring in the currency rate exchange and VAT/taxes here in the US. If you don't adjust your markup on the individual models, some customers would see a smaller actual discount at checkout.

    The best option for now is to make lower markups on selected models and offer links to customers or in the forums and let them know it is marked down for a limited time.
  5. CyberSmithy
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    How its going with discount coupons?
    We still need those, for better marketing :)
  6. jimmyadvice
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    Hi @CyberSmithy

    We are still doing periodic sales for materials and orders that we notify members about via email. Other than this, we also have an active referral codes program you can use to get new customers a discount with a unique code tied to your account.

    More information here:
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  7. CVee
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    So I've uploaded some of my products to my store. But I wanted to be able to give them for "free" to somebody. And by "free" I mean being able to remove the "markup" price. How can I achieve this? Usually, 3D websites give me the option to generate a code to do this for example.
  8. Lefteri
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    Hello @CVee!

    You can set your model or a copy of that model (in case you still want to make it available at the regular price otherwise as well ) to be available for sale, but hidden from the public, and then provide a direct link to specific customers.

    1. Set your product to "Offer for sale to others" but leave "Display to the public" unchecked:

    2. Click "Save Changes" and then "View Product"

    3. Copy the URL address of the product, making sure to include the "Key" portion

    This will make it accessible only to anyone who has the full URL, with the "key" portion included.

    I hope this helps!
  9. joeyseely
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    Building on this... can you have an expiring key, such that you may offer the item at one price via a link, but it is one time use so they can't share the link to others?
  10. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello @joeyseely I'm sorry to say that is not currently an option. You would have to manually disable that product version or remove it in order for others to not use it.