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    Hello everyone!

    So for whatever reason when I found out about 3d printing I decided to make my own board game, that I've come to call Curvature. I noticed there's a category for board games in the Shapeways store, but I haven't seen any full original board games. Curvature is a game for two players with no luck involved. You take turns moving pieces, and can jump over other pieces, so it's a bit like Chess or Checkers.


    I started off prototyping it with paper and bits of Lego to try out different rules, often testing the game with my dad, and then eventually moved on to 3d modeling and printing it. It's been pretty challenging given the constraints, primarily with mass and cost. Trying to keep the rules as simple as possible while at the same time creating as much gameplay complexity as possible within a small board. Because of the color coded pieces it also needs to be printed in full color sandstone, which from what I understand can be a bit of a tricky material, though I don't have any experience with other materials. All in all, I'm quite happy with the end result.

    If you want to get it you can find it here at

    And I've also made a website that explains all the rules for how to play it

    For my final print, in the exporting and importing of my Maya .mb file into a .dae file for Shapeways, a few small shapes didn't carry over, I'm not sure why. Unfortunately I didn't notice this until after getting the print in my hands. I've since re-imported the model making sure that all the shapes are there but that means the print success rate went back to blank, and I don't really want to order another print for such a small detail as I already know it prints well. So don't be too scared by the blank success rate. I'm hoping this doesn't break the rules of this forum board, as I do have several photos of it and it passes all the automatic tests.

    So I really have no idea if this is something anyone even wants, but it's been an interesting learning process, and I've got a second board game in development incorporating some things I've learned from developing this one.


    / Lee
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    Very cool looking! You could do the parts in dyed strong and flexible if you want more strength and detail. You could even do the board in white, and paint on the black detail. What I think would be pretty cool, is making the board out of wood, and printing the pieces. As the board is a 2D surface it doesn't need to be 3D printed, it would save on cost.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I think these are good ideas. The reason I made it the way I made it is because I wanted everything to be self-contained and complete in one 3d print without any work needed after printing, you can even put the pieces inside the box that the game board is on. But that comes with the drawback of higher cost.