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    Hi all,

    I received this week the Cup Holder.
    It is an holder for a plastic or a paper cup, that allows you to recognize which cup is yours (through the color and by adding your name via the co-creator interface) and also to avoid being burnt in case the cup contains hot beverage.
    I really like the overall shape of this holder.
    I hope it will also be handy (not tried it to drink anything yet :)).
    Here are some pictures.

    As already mentionned, it is a co-creator, so you can add your own name to differianciate one holder from another in addition to the different colors that are available in Strong and Flexible.
    The markup is not as low as usual for this object, because I did not find an easy process to add the name in such a non-flat surface. Perhaps a blank version (no name) would be interesting, let me know.
    I can also think about other shapes...

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