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  1. nemild
    nemild New Member
    If you're interested in designing a set of cuff links, could you PM me? The design would be of the attached logo (no text).

    And the cuff links would be put on by having a section in which to insert in a small movable metal piece that will be added separately (like this; f-Links-Set_20090677192.jpg ). So you'll model it assuming that we will separately add that metal piece (basically, you'll design the area on which it will hinge in).

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  2. CADNinja
    CADNinja Well-Known Member
    Private message sent
  3. V1c3r0y
    V1c3r0y New Member
    PM sent
  4. lcblankenship
    lcblankenship New Member
    I need a 3D model of the attached logo created into a diecast cuff link, full color. Only 1 (maybe 2 pair).
    Metal: silver

    I may also like to use this logo and create lapel pins...
    Let's start with cuff would be a Father's Day gift if I can get it done in time :)

    Need a quote and turnaround time

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  5. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    Metal AND color?
    Shapeways doesn't offer both of those in a single material.
  6. NikkruGadgets
    NikkruGadgets Well-Known Member
  7. lcblankenship
    lcblankenship New Member
    OK if all silver what is your quote?
  8. NikkruGadgets
    NikkruGadgets Well-Known Member
    I've sent you a private message. The material doesn't matter for the modelling fee. If it has the size I think it does, then printing it in silver will probably cost 50-100€
  9. NikkruGadgets
    NikkruGadgets Well-Known Member
    Then again, if you want to paint it afterwards, you could consider printing in a different metal
  10. ComesToLife
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