Cuff links backs?

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  1. Hello,

    I'm interested in getting started with some jewelry design...

    1) What is a good size for cufflinks?

    2) Is there a standard downloadable Shapeways cufflink back?
    2a) If so, how do you like the standard back, is it difficult to use, secure?

    3) Are double-sided cufflinks better than the ones with a standard back?

    Thank you!

    And 4) is the only way to have a picture icon instead of the happy face, with my shapeways profile, if I am using facebook or something?


    EDITED TO ADD: Sorry, I thought I was creating a new topic under jewelry designers! I would delete this and repost there but I also don't see how to delete this, only an edit button.
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  2. numarul7
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    Learn from this two cufflinks inks.html?li=user-profile&materialId=23

    and links.html?li=user-profile&materialId=23

    The tentacle one it is all you need to build yourself one.

    The design can be length 3 cm height 2.2 cm on the design part excluding the back! , height it is limited by the distance on the shirt and hole :D

    And other problem to test with a real shirt because you can land with a design that can cut the suit or scratch around things under the sleeve.

    Happy learning!
  3. That's great! Thanks so much numarul7!