Crowdfunding a Six-Foot 3D-Printed Sculpture in Cement

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    Crowdfunding the Rygo


    Help us create the biggest 3D print in North America, designed by Bathsheba Grossman, printed by the D-Shape and installed at Gropp's Gallery of Vancouver.

    D-Shape is an architectural-size printing process, and at 2m tall this piece is well within its build envelope. It's located in Italy, so we have to ship it from there. No problem: we'll print a shipping crate around it, and unpack it with a hammer.

    Then we have a clever plan to put a color-changing LED in the middle, set up a webcam, and let donors control the light and watch online. (Donors also receive toys.)

    If you can contribute that's great, but what this project needs most is buzz...awesome if you can help! Nobody involved is getting paid, it's just direct costs for building and shipping. Because we think it is a fun idea. Again, it's on Indiegogo here

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    that is really cool. Will have to go see it next time I am in vancouver(probably summer of 2013)