Crossing out of the virtual worlds

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    So I've been in the virtual world business for about 7 years. I've created a range of things from animations to furniture objects to whole rooms. It's always exciting to create something that other people enjoy playing with, especially if you can come up with something unique to the catalog. With how large IMVU is growing these days, it is becoming harder to come up with new and innovative products. Thanks to Shapeways, I now have something else to offer than just intangible products. I can now offer real life things. I mean things that you can hold in your hand add a whole new level to the cool factor. Here are some examples:

    First, a couple of IMVU products. Here is my air hockey table.
    And here it is in real life.

    Skeeball lane
    Real life

    And my penguin from Nuvera Online that I have named Pedro.
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    Awesome [​IMG]