Creating threaded holes for screws

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by rraman, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. rraman
    rraman New Member
    I have created a model to be 3D printed that requires a threaded hole for screws. I intend to use the "White, Strong, and Flexible" material. According to Shapeways support, this material will not withstand having a screw threaded into it multiple times.

    Has anyone faced a similar situation? Did you have threaded metal insets which could be plugged into the hole that the screw can be inserted into? Is there another solution to this problem? I'd really appreciate help! Thanks.
  2. Tamert
    Tamert New Member
    I commonly tap holes in WSF (just leave the right diameter hole in the model and then use a tapping set) for bolts. I haven't ran into any problems. I would assume the problem would arise if you didn't tape the hole and just tried to use a self threading screw just like any other material.
  3. oopsclunkthud
    oopsclunkthud New Member
    I've been able to print threads into WSF. They come out a bit undersized, this worked out well for my part but you may have to play with the clearances a bit.
  4. bobquincy
    bobquincy New Member
    I tap holes in WSF, 2mm and 3mm for use with nylon screws. No problems yet. For steel screws and frequent use it may be best to use Helicoils or Timeserts.