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  1. Claudio_Setti
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    Just wanted to make you guys aware that "Left4Dead" or "Left 4 Dead" as a tittle doesn't make the license agreement show. I had to put "Dota2" for it to show up so I could accept the license.

    It was for this piece:

    Not sure if anyone else encountered this?

  2. Andrewsimonthomas
    Andrewsimonthomas Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Hey @Claudio_Setti thanks for noticing, we'll add those tags to the list so you can opt in
  3. MrNibbles
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    Why don't you Shapeways folks come up with a way to aggregate all linked Valve products on an officially sanctioned Valve product page? Not that these products would necessarily disappear from individual shops but allow them to also be displayed on a Valve page. It would be more direct than a search of the site for Valve related products. This could all happen automatically although I would imagine that there could be a curator option for such an aggregation shop that can override products that are undesireable, abusive, spammy, etc.

    The reason I'm pondering this is since I'm wondering about how to work with some charities/businesses in terms of doing designs for them. There are a zillion important charities that could benefit from an arrangement similar to the Valve profit sharing structure. (It might also create a mechanism for work sharing shops for certain hobbies or other interests. Being able to include your designs in a "shared" shop of interest could actually increase sales and it takes some of the heat off Shapeways employees trying to curate the whole kaboodle of uploaded products. Letting the user base perform some of the curation activities could lead to less fragmentation and help customers find stuff. Crowd sourcing!)

    Right now the ability to help charities are rather nebulous and unreliable:

    1. Claim that your shop's markups/profits for a charity related design will be sent to the charity. It might happen, it might not.
    2. Give the design file to the charity and let them set up their own shop. The charity would need some kind of Shapeways seal of approval that they are truly who they claim to be. Designers may not want to give up control of their design or any markup payments (if any). When artists work for charities sometimes they work on commission, sometimes they work for free. But an ability for the designer to retain control of IP and residuals should be there.

    A charity or organization might also want to order product to sell in their gift shops or locally at various businesses from their own Shapeways shop. Product self-ordered from their own store could be purchased without their portion of the mark-up included. That way they wouldn't need to pay full price that includes their mark-up share and then wait to get it back from Shapeways at a later date minus the Paypal cut. Basically it would be similar to how regular shops work but a sharing designer would still get a residual if that was their choice.

    And I still haven't a clue about all this Valve kerfuffle.
  4. mkroeker
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    Seeing how the "my little pony" thing went, shapeways may want to wait a little longer before redesigning their site software to accomodate this... and I suspect the topic of charities will be fraught with problems as well - one man's charity can be another one's criminal organization once political, religious, cultural or moral issues come into play, and tracking tax exemption status or customers' expectations to receive a donation receipt for their own income tax declaration would be an unwelcome burden on shapeways as well.
  5. UniverseBecoming
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    kerfuffle?? I never heard that term but I kinda like it! HAHA! :D

    Yeah, good idea. It's good for advertising endeavors because it's a better call to action as opposed to just sending people to the site to search around for stuff. Valve will need somewhere to send their customers too if Valve starts putting the word out about Shapeways.
  6. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    The basic mechanism for revenue sharing is already there. I'm just suggesting that Shapeways think creatively about expanding it for other uses - charity or otherwise. And of course the main point was aggregating designs generated for the tagged revenue sharing scheme to make it more successful and lasting.

    Not sure about how the Star Wars 3D printed toys things worked out either. Or the Target store that promoted Target on-line store chains along side their personalize-able 3D pendant designs. That doesn't mean Shapeways can't contemplate the future. Upwards and onwards!
  7. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    Turns out they already have a type of charity/organization based shop page mechanism.

    Basically it seems to be matching up a designer with an organization to launch an organization shop. It's not clear if it's a classic charity that the product page would indicate how much of the sale price might be tax deductible (if qualifying) or if anyone even cares about that. I don't see any clear information about who must manage the page, how markups might be verifiably funneled to the charity, or if there's any revenue sharing with the designer (assuming they want a small fee for the design assistance). I suppose you need to fill out the form and submit it to get more complete information from Shapeways.

    As far as potential fraud goes the two charity pages cited in the blog article don't seem to have any official Shapeways imprimatur about the validity of the charity. Had I run across those pages without the link from an official Shapeways blog (is it magazine now?) page I'd be more skeptical about where any proceeds might go. There's also no information on those pages about how much from each sale goes to charity other than phrases like "proceeds" or "a portion." In my view a little more transparency and verification would be helpful to gain the confidence of potential customers meaning to do something good.
  8. JPRAS
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    Hey everyone. I'm new here, but I saw this contest and it inspired me to sculpt a little Saxton Hale figure.
    Let me know what you guys think! Cheers
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  9. UniverseBecoming
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    So, I thought of an issue. Sorry, but as all the regulars know, I love playing the part of the devil's advocate! HAHA! :p

    Ok, so I buy my Valve licensed designs from Shapeways and because I'm buying it myself I don't pay a markup. I then take those products and sell them all over the world and I don't have to pay Valve my 10% markup royalty and Valve, therefore, loses out on that money, which Valve rightfully deserves. What say you Shapeways? :D

    If you say, no, you can only sell your Valve licensed designs from your Shapeways shop or shops, then that means that an issue is going to arise. For example, let's say someone was to buy a Valve licensed product from a Shapeways shop, does that then mean they cannot sell it elsewhere? No, because to try to enforce that would be violating the first sale doctrine backed up by a supreme court ruling.

    Of course, it would be a huge can of worms to try to get persons operating under the Valve license to legally report their retail profits outside of Shapeways so about the only thing I can think of that may work is a voluntary self-regulated method where Shapeways or Valve would provide an account where sellers could make deposits corresponding to Valve's 10% share.

    A kind of monitoring could be easily set up too where Shapeways could send an accounting of all self-purchases by Shapeways store owners under the Valve license and then Valve could look at those numbers and know who was being stingy. Valve could also pull the plug on their license if Valve wanted too, in the case where Valve felt too cheated.

    Another way might be to set up a category specific default markup for self-purchases under the Valve license. So, let's say someone were to make a miniature design. And let's say that normally they could self-purchase it from Shapeways for something like $25. And let's say something like that could retail for $39.99. So then the default percentage one would pay under the category miniatures would be $1.49. So the total self-purchase price would be $26.49.

    I don't know, but I think something ought to be implemented to make things fair for everyone involved.

    Oh and, I may receive the comment, why not just direct customers to the respective shops on Shapeways to buy Valve-related products? Well, two reasons I think of right off the bat are, one there are marketplaces that are far more robust than Shapeways, take eBay for example, and the drawback there is Shapeways doesn't dropship very well when it comes to international orders. That and two Shapeways shop owners can put the final touches on a product such as painting a miniature for example.

    My friends and family always say, James, why are you so negative?!! And I always say, "When you build something you need to first think of and talk about all of the ways it can break!" :D
  10. UniverseBecoming
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    Nice sculpt JPRS! :D
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  11. Andrewsimonthomas
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    I second that :)
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  12. MaxxySFM
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    Hey everyone!
    I just submitted entry the Janitor figurine which was heavily inspired by the TF2 beta demoman concept art , It didn't appear in the Merchandise store yet however. I hope I'm not late with it, also should I upload a blue version later?
    Also let me know what you guys think, would really appreciate it! Peace
  13. AlessandroAzzolini
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    Hi guys!
    As Portal has been one of my favourite games of all time, as soon as I found out about the Valve contest (2 days ago), I started modelling my entry ( which is a pair of portals with a companion cube going through them. It is conceived to be both an ornament/figurine and a pendant.
    Hope you like it!
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    I've already posted this elsewhere on these boards, but this is a far more sensible thread for it. Apologies to anyone seeing this again.

  15. JPRAS
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    Heya! Are there any news regarding the winners of the contest yet?
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  16. patiently waiting on the winners too, fingers crossed :)
  17. Andrewsimonthomas
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