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    I have no great interest in the Valve stuff but this mechanism could be opened up to people who have expressed an interest in being able to skim off the profits of other users if using their intellectual property. I think the concept of sharing markup profits has been brought up in several threads to date for various team efforts, charity donations, etc.

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    HAHA! Nice vid clip! I never saw that movie. :D

    Well, thanks for all the explaining guys but I still don't get it. :D I think I'll take Mitchell's advice and play around with the settings until I see the light. Although, reading clause 5.5 of the License Terms and Conditions helped me somewhat figure out what's meant by the minimum total price.

    Regardless! We are going to make money! WOO HOO! :D

    Shapeways should create an employee that works in close proximity to these partnerships, which could become commonplace. What I think would be good to have is, information about what do Valve consumers want? You know, an employee that delves into marketing research and disseminates results. I know Shapeways has always been tightlipped about anything having to do with what generates revenue, however, in these partnership instances it could be beneficial to do so. For example, something as simple as finding out and disseminating figures having to do with how much revenue Valve generates from merch sales per year could be beneficial because it could peak the interest of the Shapeways community. That is if Valve would want to share those figures.

    Other incentives could be something like a bi-weekly contest geared towards getting the Shapeways community engaged with the new partnership.

    Oh and, how about the hardware. Can Shapeways/Valve provide specifications and other information in that regard that'll get the ball rolling with that? Are there any 3D models available?

    Let's get things rilled up so we can show the world that getting Shapeways' community members involved can be extremely lucrative! If we do good we'll get other properties interested and we'll create a major shift in how business is done in the future! :D

    As a side note, for the regulars and employees who may have wondered, I've been working nonstop on a jewelry related invention and that's the main reason I disappeared from the forum the last several months. If all goes well it'll be on the market by mid-October and I'll make a thread about it to let you guys know what it is. :)

    On the other hand, who needs inventions when we've got Valve on our side! :D We're gonna be raking in the cash big time here in the near future now that we have this partnership!! :D :D :D
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    Hi ! Very great news ! Shapeways made an excellent choice as well as Valve. Please, check my Half-Life creations here

    Best regards,
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    Looking at the four files I see they have a licence included with each one that states, "You are free to use and modify the Materials in accordance with this license e.g. for printing or 3D printing your own skins, accessories or other modifications, provided you give proper attribution to Valve and do not use it for commercial purposes."

    They should edit the license to cover the new Shapeways/Valve partnership or Shapeways should provide the download on the Valve partnership page. I for one don't care since I trust Shapeways, however, for those not in the know, there might be confusion for them.
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    Excellent move in the right direction! Keep such programs going! This is exactly what frees creativity and encourages win-win cooperation.
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    im realy thinking to decompile all half-life models and upload it to shapeways for easy money...
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    I just remembered that I mentioned Valve in the forum two years ago, here. What the thread was about was a Shapeways shop owner didn't get paid his markup because the payment was so high that PayPal server software blocked the transaction. I comment about how Valve Corporation had the exact same problem with PayPay.

    Now here's why I'm bringing it up again in this thread. I'm bringing it up because there is money to be made with this Valve/Shapeways partnership! Take a listen to what the founder of Valve Corporation, Gabe Newell, says in a conference he was giving to a group of students at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. Let me set it up, he was basically talking about the origins of Valve and the interesting business-related aspects of running a game company. And then he starts talking about how in the game Team Fortress 2 they allowed players to make and sell items in the game for real money and Valve took a cut of those sales and they tried to pay the players with PayPal their share and some of the payments were so high that PaPal blocked the transactions. The video starts where starts talking about that.

    I could not embed the video with a custom start point so go here to Youtube to watch
    it from the custom start point.
    WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! GABE! GABE! GABE! DID YOU SAY YOU HAD PLAYERS MAKING FI FI FI FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR DOING THAT???!! HAHAHA!! :D :D :D Why yes, yes you did say that. I guess when you have thousands of millions sitting in your bank account you don't realize how crazy that is and you just say something like that as if it were an ordinary thing that happens every day! HAHA! :D

    The point is if people playing a Valve game can make that kind of money selling user-generated content then there is a very wide doorway of opportunity for us to make a nice profit as well. :)
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    Doing a little more research just now into the subject matter of my last post I found this article stating that Valve paid users $57 million from 2011 to 2015 for their user-created content created for a number of Valve games. That is insane numbers! :D

    For the nongamers reading the article they may wonder what Steam is. Steam is basically a community infrastructure created by Valve for the purpose of giving gamers a place to store their games in the cloud while also giving them a means for communicating with each other. Most of the game publishers and game developers in the world use the Steam platform to distribute their content.
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    Here's what it sounded like to me when you guys were trying to explain the math.

    HAHAHA! :D

    The funny thing is I am almost serious. :D I did figure it out though after I made a product and played around with entering a markup. Thanks for the efforts! :D
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    57 million over 4 years isn't much at all if you take into account just how much user created content there is on Steam. it works out to be 9500 per person/yr using their numbers. Not bad for a hobby, but nothing close to an actual job, especially considering how much work it is to create content for games. It's very much like recent fiasco of Uber announcing new "Tip" feature in their app, how it helped drivers make 50 million in tips... it sounds like an incredible amount until you realize how many Uber drivers there are, and how much it worked out to be per driver... less than 5 bucks.
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    True about Uber, but in the article Valve says, "This money was earned by over 1,500 contributors spread out across 75 countries." Which is around $38,000 per contributor if you divide it out equally. :D
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    very good point but its worth remembering that the distribution of that tends not to be equal, especially when we're talking about a marketplace rather than a service. I dont know exactly how it checks out in the steam marketplace (its up to Valve to share that) but on Shapeways we DO have shopowners who either are supporting themselves through their shops or Shapeways is paying passive income in their careers as independent designers.
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    Peter (former CEO of Shapeways) said once years ago that one shop owner was making around $5000 a month; probably one of the dice shops. That'd be $240,000 for 4 years. Gabe (CEO of Valve) said that there were players making $500,000 per year. The big difference between Shapeways' marketplace and Valve's marketplace is Valve is selling intangible digital items from within the games. When you have millions of people playing games it's easy to see how mega millions can be attained.

    I know all about spending money on intangible items in games because when I play Maplestory I end up spending $200 to $500 per month on intangible crap! HAHA! :D

    So, how can Shapeways connect with Valve's vast multitudes of consumers? That's what needs to be thought out. Ideally, Valve would tell them about Shapeways, on their Steam site. They do have a Valve merchandise here.
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    To be honest, the models printed now are still "kits" for collectors and modelers. By contrast, intangible digital models are "finished products." In other words, colors and textures make big differences.

    There is also a need to connect objects (either tangible or not) to a meaning. I hope to see more licensing deals Shapeways can have with other publishers. It is a win-win business model.
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    True. Shapeways needs high-resolution color. Or, maybe Shapeways should offer a detailed painting service where Shapeways artisans provide the talent to make creations like yours come to life. Amazing work by the way. :)

    "There is also a need to connect objects (either tangible or not) to a meaning." Can you expand on this? I'm not sure what you mean here. Do you mean like a marketing strategy?
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    Hello forum! I am excited about this new program, as me and my partner have been planning a product for a while now, without any way to ship it. This program has given me new motivation to get back to 3d modeling.
    I was wondering, though, if there is a certain amount of time before a valve license 3d product reaches the main page. I have posted two to my shop so far, with more coming, but they won't show up on the main page. Am I missing something? A tag perhaps?
    Thank you all for your time!

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    Shapeways started a Valve design contest a week ago. Did anyone hear about this?

    As a side note, I think designers who offered Valve related products BEFORE the Valve Shapeways partnership should pay Valve back royalties for sales prior to the formation of the Valve Shapeways partnership. :) Also, since the sales of such products on Shapeways were in violation of Valve's copyright prior to the Valve Shapeways partnership they shouldn't be allowed to participate in the contest with those products. Why? Well, I consider it cheating because those products were illegal to sell on Shapeways prior to the Valve Shapeways partnership. Right? :D