Coupon get's lost

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by sid, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. sid
    sid New Member
    Hi again

    If I enter the coupon code, the value is updated in the shopping cart,
    but as soon as I click on proceed
    it's lost in Ajax...

    (i've stitched some screenshots together; see attached image)

    I've tried in Opera 9.25, Firefox 1.507 and IE 6.05, so it's not because of some browser specific bug.


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  2. sid
    sid New Member
    I'm sorry guys, but now I cheated!

    I manually edited the cookie
    And proceeded with the order flawlessly.

    Please check your cookie script,
    it doesn't update on changing the coupon code.
    (Value stays N)
    I think you have to add a line in cart.js
    but I didn't look closely to verify where you set the cookies at all.

    Oh btw: the whole javascript system is not a good idea,
    because of various reasons:
    1) javascripts are userside script that run on the client computer,
    therefore they can be edited or don't run at all.

    2) javascripts tend to make different things with the same code, depending on the users operating system, browser and javascript compiler

    3) visible source code, lets people step over or in lines of interests

    And now the shopping cart cookie
    That's not a good idea too
    You know I just edited the cookie to gain access to a discount.
    I do think, that I could do this twice or three times with the same coupon code (without trying of course.)

    keep your eyes up ;)


  3. svenpb
    svenpb New Member
    Hello. Where did you get this coupon and how much discount are we taking about?
  4. sid
    sid New Member
    Hi svenpb,
    that's none of your business ;)

    I deleted the couponcode in the picture, to prevent any infringement.

    You can see what discount we are talking about on the image itself if you're interested.

    That being said and to satisfy curiosity:
    I do have that coupon because of a previous printjob I already paid, that was unprintable (although stated otherwise)

    Is that what you wanted to know?

    Nosiness is tedious

  5. Disciple
    Disciple New Member
    Coupons are awarded for many reasons, and sometimes people who qualify to receive one don't find out about it. There's no harm in asking. :)

  6. robert
    robert New Member
    Thanks for this feedback!

    I have forwarded it to our Portal guys. They will investigate.