Could this model be printable ?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by EdJohnnyBoy, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. EdJohnnyBoy
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    I am new to the process of making a 3d object printable and using netfabb and these programs.

    The model i have built in minecraft. With the program mineways i have created the *.wrl file.
    Then with Meshlab converted to a *.stl file. This file uploaded to Shapeways. __2004_cm____.html
    It seems to work.

    But a Customer Service Agent found some difficulties with the model. After i sent her the the models *.stl file.
    This is what she says: "As you can see on my attachments, you can see that these models are too small to be printed and there fore the wall thickness is also too thin. " - her picture:

    After her suggestion to use netfabb i get these informations:

    the model on the website __2004_cm____.html

    Should i let someone try to purchase the model and see what shapeways says, if its printable or not ?
    But I would reluctantly make someone an offer that probably can not be met.

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  2. stop4stuff
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    The dimensions of the model on the model page are different to the dimensions shown in your screenshots. Did you update the model?

  3. EdJohnnyBoy
    EdJohnnyBoy New Member
    Yes, i have updated the model but the numbers of the dimensions i have not changed. I only changed some blocks in Minecraft and i have had to go through the repair process.
    And now that you mention it, I realize that they are the same numbers that differ only in their zero points.
    Maybe this happens because i choose on the uploadpage "Meters" in the "Unit of Measure", maybe, i dont know.

  4. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    One of the dimensions of this model is 0.442

    Uploaded as millimeters.. that's microscopic.. way too small.
    Uploaded as inches.. it's still too small.
    Uploaded as meters.. it's 17 inches.. too big for the printer.

    Your best bet is to use Netfabb's "SCALE" command and increase the size a bit.. then upload as millimeters. A scale factor of 250 would put you at about 4 inches across.