Cottage Magic Box - 3D Printed in only 2 Parts.

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    Hi everyone,
    Just thought you might all like to see our latest creation for a fellow shapeways member. Its a 3D Printed cottage, made in only two parts. This cottage was to explore the possibilities of printing a fully mechanical moving part object in a single print. The base of the cottage has 3 built in moving parts which all printed at the same time. We are currently updating the model but thought it might be of interest to some of you to see whats possible. I have attached a few images here but our full set of images including the video which shows the whole assembly come to live can be found on our Flickr page here:

    INNER | LEAF: Technical - Cottage

    The Assembled Cottage


    Step 1: Twist the Chimney Pot which unlocks the chimney from the lid.


    Step 2: Slide the Chimney Up which unlocks it from the base and then rotate the base.


    Step 3: Slide the chimney down which unlocks the second chimney fixing from the lid.


    Step 4: And finally slid the lid off to expose the inner storage space.


    Hope you like it. 3D Printing is the only known technology where this kind of process is possible. Printing moving parts within other parts without the need to post fix elements together. Its limited by the 0.5mm separation needed between surfaces in order to stop adjoining faces fusing together but we hope that this will be seen more and more in the 3D Printing world as its truly amazing. Well we think so. Please feel free to ask any questions.

    Adam @ INNER | LEAF

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