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    I thought I'd make a thread for posting cool stuff that you like. :)

    Like this video!

    Can't wait to see how this 3D model creation method evolves! :D

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    Cool stuff alert! Look at this! :D

    It won't be available till the 16th so I haven't tested it out yet to give an opinion, but it looks very promising for those wanting to do solid modeling and especially promising for those doing any kind of electronics related design and on that note they also offer free PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design software!
  4. bartv
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    Yeah I saw that one, too. I don't have a Windows pc to test this on, so I'd love to hear from you guys what you think!

  5. UniverseBecoming
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    I checked it out! This is amazing! It's a watered down version of SpaceClaim! Three things that I noticed right off are:

    It uses DirectX 9 so it runs great on PCs with crappy graphics cards.
    It converts native Sketchup files directly to solids!
    It really is easy to use! The only thing I had to look up so far is how to pan, middle mouse button + shift.

    I really like the functionality! I didn't know SpaceClaim was such a nice software. In their full version they've put a lot of effort into helping people convert polygonal files to solids and that right there is major kudos to me. As seen here. Some of this same functionality is in this DesignSpark version but I haven't had enough time to look into this fully.

    Being that SpaceClaim is only around $2500 US, it's worth learning just in case I ever want upgrade to the full version, so I'll most definitely use this on my next engineering type project and learn its intricate workings!
  6. GarySG
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    I played around with it for a few minutes, and noticed its ease of use :D The only qualm I have is trying to orbit the view around the object. I'm probably just missing something, but maneuvering was quite difficult.
  7. UniverseBecoming
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    When messing around with it, I happened to notice a setting in the File -> Options -> Navigation -> Spin, where one could select the option of having it spin centered on a selected object. Was that what you were wanting?

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    Very cool.I like it
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    Ok so I used DesignSpark the other day to design a few brackets for a device I'm building and I really love it! But wait! Look what else I found that they have going!

    The DesignSpark Mechanical Challenge

    First prize is £5,000 from RS Components and the first ever Ormerod 3D printer created by RepRapPro.


    Plus two-runners up will each get £2,500.

    Basically, entries need to be constructed using DesignSpark and correspond to a theme of either Accessibility, Mobility or Green Living. Lot's more rules can be found here.

    Cool right?!! YES! But wait, there's just one problem, you only have until Friday, 22 November to make your submissions! AWWW MAN! That's only 9 days! :D

    I think I'll stop what I'm doing and try to make an entry before the deadline. :)
  10. bartv
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    Here's another interesting tool:

    It requires a WebGL-compatible browser, so Safari on OSX may not work.
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    Some free mini car models from Honda.

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    I found a cool contest, it's the 3D Printed Car Design Challenge! First prize is $5000! WOO! HOO!

    If any of you enter this I'd like to see your entry. Post it here if you want. :D
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    ^ Yes! Really amazing and sooo COOL! :D
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