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  1. DigitalWarrior
    DigitalWarrior New Member

    i need help with a vector-logo.
    i have an .eps-file and would need a printable 3d-model for material "gold plated brass" (as cheap as possible).
    the print-dimensions should be 80 (width) x 20(height) x 20 (depth) mm.
    is this possible with the enclosed view of the logo?

    i would pay with paypal as soon as the model passed the shapeways print-check.

    thank you very much!

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  2. DesignbyDalton
    DesignbyDalton Well-Known Member
    PM sent
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  3. DigitalWarrior
    DigitalWarrior New Member
    currently in progress, thanks for your messages!
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  4. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    You could simply use the 2d-3d converter. It will produce this:
    But, I assume that you desire smoother curves.. your logo should have higher resolution to enable reduce the stepping.
  5. DigitalWarrior
    DigitalWarrior New Member
    Thanks for your quick try tonysmith. I tried this too but you are right, the curves should be much smoother.
    The model is currently in progress.
  6. hayati74
    hayati74 New Member
    My name is Hayati I can convert your vector art to 3d model with exact dims for 50 dollars
    thank you

  7. DigitalWarrior
    DigitalWarrior New Member
    Thanks for all your offers! The model is finished now.