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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by wafflehouse17, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. wafflehouse17
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    I would love for someone to make a black and white and full color version of this character. be clever about the colors and put in some details.

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  2. dazhazit
    dazhazit New Member
    OK I'm really just starting out in the 3d Modelling industry myself but have become quite good at this sort of thing quite quickly. So I'll take a stab at it for the experience.

    I do have a couple of questions though just so I can get your concept right.
    Firstly is that a back pack he's wearing with strips of cloth hanging from it as a form of camouflage/Gilly suit?
    Secondly is the face mask a hockey style mask or something more military and in keeping with the shoulder pads?
    Lastly, do you want this character to have human style proportions or something more cartoon like?

    You could make this a kind of loose contest to see who can do the best one.

    Anyway I'll try my best for you.
  3. wafflehouse17
    wafflehouse17 New Member
    Thank you very much for doing this. for your questions keep the mask sort of a glowing light, keep him at that proportion, and he has cloth strips hanging from his backpack. send me the model and the render when you finish.
  4. dazhazit
    dazhazit New Member
    One other question that I forgot to ask. Is the model needed for anything else apart from 3d Printing. Reason being that for an animated character I would do things differently. A simple statuette would have a different topology to one that is to be given a series of poses. For a start it wouldn't be hollow manifold. Plus it would need rigging and skinning. (Something I can do if needs be). I would also treat things like the backpack as a separate mesh rather than merged into the body mesh for printing.
    Reason being that I've already done a crude character with a face mask but am in a quandry on how to proceed with the fine details of it such as the shoulder pads and backpack.
    Anyway I've attached a quickie render so far to see If I'm going in the right direction.
  5. wafflehouse17
    wafflehouse17 New Member
    I want it for animation and a game later when i can code that well. Also try and keep him somewhat dark and keep his mask black and white please. a good detailed worn texture would be great if you can do that too.

    Try and make it look almost identical to the drawing.
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  6. dazhazit
    dazhazit New Member
    Ah! my assumption was right. So you'll need a low polygon count with subdivision surface for LOD and probably Game Roll Bones (Armature).
    What game engine were you planning on using?
    I'll try my best.
  7. wafflehouse17
    wafflehouse17 New Member
    truly i have no idea how to program and i dont know what engine i'll be using but probably Unreal or Cryengine but dont think that this will go to waste, im learning how to program next year.
  8. dazhazit
    dazhazit New Member
    May I suggest you look into the Unity game engine to whet your appetite. It's apparently real easy to use and gaining in popularity. I can't use it myself because I won't stoop to the Micro$oft level of computing and instead hang with the gods of Linux. Unfortunately the Linux windows emulator (WINE) won't run it and a VirtualBox with windows in it doesn't give the correct display adaptor.

    There's also Irrilicht, Crystal Space and Ogre you might want to have a look at. I understand that Ogre and Crystal Space for instance can utilise the Bullet Physics engine which along with ODE are better at simulating things like soft body collision than the Unreal engine.
    Alternatively I personally use Blender for designing which has it's own built in game engine which I haven't bothered to try out yet as I'm going in more of a CGI photorealism direction.

    I'm a programmer myself with 26 years experience but have recently decided to change direction from writing database, POS applications and just lately websites to something a bit more colourful.

    So bear in mind that I'm an amateur with barely 3 1/2 months experience at 3d modelling when you get the results. However I do know what I'm doing and our Apocalypse boy type character is is beginning to show promise.

    Why Blender you say? Well I tried using Daz3d and quite frankly anything you want to do requires an addon that you have to buy. Blender quite frankly made it look like a Childrens' toy from the first click on its' little Icon but there is a bit of a learning curve involved.
  9. dazhazit
    dazhazit New Member
    Sorry for the length of time taken. I'm not the fastest in the world and probably spent too much time messing around with materials. Anyway here's my interpretation of your character.
    Apocalypse boy wandering the lonely desert.


    It's been an interesting exercise, I've discovered several new things for my workflow. Not withstanding the opportunity to improve on my Cycles Compositing skills.
    The Zipped File is rather large.
    But as my brother always maintains. Great works are never actually finished. They're just abandoned and I'm quite frankly fed up the sight of him.
    Are you still interested in this?
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  10. wafflehouse17
    wafflehouse17 New Member
    Dude! Thats freakin awesome! I will almost definitly use this in my game. I will definitly not abandon this so i would love for you to find some way to get me the model. Thank you so much! It will not go to waste.
  11. dazhazit
    dazhazit New Member
    You have a PM
  12. dazhazit
    dazhazit New Member
    Sorry one more thing.
    I've just realised I hadn't reset the bone rig (Armature). He's still walking across the desert in the file but you might want to pose him other ways.
    When you download you might want to re-set it by selecting the Armature, clicking on the man Icon in the bottom right and finding a button that says "Rest Pose". Then go to the main 3d window and press CTRL-A and select "Apply Pose As Rest Pose". That way He'll be standing upright in the standard T position.
    Also It's not a good Idea to go above Subdivison level 2 on the cloth strips on his backpack. It's nearly 200 separate meshes. Which equates to a subdivision total of several million polygons at level 3. My dual core Laptop slows down a bit and gets just a little warm ;) Scene navigation slows to about 2 frames a second.
  13. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    WOW... Great job on the character design from that one image you were given.